Benjamin Evans

Fourth-year electronic engineer at The University of Leeds

Experienced in using Fusion 360 and operating 3D printers

Completed a defence summer internship at Rolls-Royce

Past experience in the automotive industry

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3rd Year Group Project

Sep 2020 - Jun 2021

  • The project aim was to design, manufacture and deliver an autonomous radioactive contamination detection system for use in the university nuclear laboratory.

  • This system automated the manual process of sweeping the floor for contaminants.​


Embedded C Calculator 

3nd Year Project

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

  • I developed code to interface the Tiva LaunchPad with a keypad and LCD to make a calculator.

  • It can execute floating-point calculations and perform multiple operand calculations with correct operator precedence.

  • The calculator circuit was first simulated in TINA-v12 to test the code, then it was deployed to the hardware using the Keil IDE and the logic analyser was used to check timing.

Calculator Circuit
Calculator Circuit

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Calculator Test
Calculator Test

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Calculator Tina Simulation
Calculator Tina Simulation

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Calculator Circuit
Calculator Circuit

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C++ Arcade Game

2nd Year Project

Feb 2020 - Jun 2020

  • I developed a C++ game for a custom gamepad that uses the NXP K6F development board. 

  • The game was based on the 1981 arcade game Defender and was programmed from scratch.  

  • With the gamepad having a Nokia phone screen of 84x48 pixels I had to be very creative with the artwork and implementation. 


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Defender Gameplay
Defender Gameplay

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FPGA 4x4 Multiplier

2nd Year Project

May 2020 - Jun 2020

  • Programmed a 4x4 bit multiplier on an FPGA development board.

  • I wrote Verilog code that converts binary numbers into Binary-coded Decimal (BCD), which is a digital encoding method for decimal numbers in which each digit is represented by its own binary sequence.

  • Then I programmed each binary sequence to its respected seven-segment display and used the switches on the board as one-bit inputs. 


RC Buggy

1st Year Group Project

Feb 2019 - May 2019

  • As part of a team of five, we built a remote-controlled motorised buggy. 

  • My role was to program an Arduino so the buggy could be controlled remotely, solder the H-bridge and design the group poster.

  • The RC buggy successfully made it around the test track, coming 2nd in the time trial competition. 




Datsun 280z Restoration

Classic Car Restoration Project

Jun 2020 - Present

  • I have undertaken a restoration project of a 1976 Datsun 280z. I spent weeks planning and researching to make sure I could source parts.

  • I learned how to completely strip the car, rebuild the engine and put it all back together, whilst filming the whole process.

  • I prepared detailed parts listings/costings and worked to earn funds to pay for the project.


Mechanical Keyboard 

Custom Keyboard Project

Dec 2019 - Nov 2020

  • I wanted a new mechanical keyboard but rather than just buy I went down the rabbit hole of building one.

  • Using the advice from the r/MechanicalKeyboard Reddit page I spent months deciding on my PCB, switches and keycaps.

  • Then I spent hours soldering components to the keyboard PCB and modifying to switches to achieve all the Click and None of the Clack.


3D Printer 

Building a Creality Ender-3 printer

Sep 2019 - Present

  • To learn more about additive manufacturing and continue to improve my CAD skills, I bought a 3D printer.

  • This project has allowed me to become a 3D printing contractor through my course society.

  • Can print hard to find replacement parts for my car restoration.

  • I have added many aftermarket upgrades including a new mainboard, wireless printing, a dual drive extruder, all-metal hotend and an auto bed levelling sensor, which will all help to improve print quality.


Website Development

Pilates Instructor Website and Booking System

Jan 2021 - Jun 2021

  • During lockdown, I liaised with a Pilates instructor to design a website and booking system to enable online teaching.

  • I learned website development from scratch and gain industry knowledge to communicate successfully with the client.

  • This role included solving technical problems for customers and providing advertising advice to grow the business.

  • This has led to me being recommended to design websites for other instructors.


Custom PC 

Gaming Computer Build

Nov 2013 - Dec 2013

  • Rather than buy a new PC I decided to build my own.

  • This saved me a lot of money and will give me the option to upgrade parts it in the future.

  • Through learning how PCs worked this inspired me to become an electronic engineer.

  • I also built PCs for my friends with customised parts to suit their requirements.





Defence Summer Intern


Working with the Future Programmes New Concepts Team:

  • Develop concepts for future Rolls-Royce products in the space domain.

  • Used systems engineering to define requirements and industry level tools for cost estimation. 

  • Improved my understanding of gas turbines.

  • Represented the company at STEM and networking events. 

Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

ZF Friedrichshafen

Work Experience


Working with the Quality and Production Support team:

  • Designed a torque angle signal simulator box to identify problems with ECUs in power steering motors using an Infineon development board.

  • Assisted with harsh environmental testing on motor ECUs and used root cause analysis to diagnose faults. 

Jul 2019 - Jul 2019

M-TEC Engineering Projects

Work Experience


  • Developed an understanding of additive manufacturing and CATIA v5.

  • Achieved the industrial cadet gold award by presenting my project.

Aug 2018 - Aug 2018




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